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Bascially, I'm asking how to best organize the Layouts (folders for sheets) in a manner where you can have a "Zoning" submittal group of sheets, then transition all those sheets into a "CD" submittal batch of folders without having to comprise where the viewmaps go and make sure the viewmaps all link up and cross-coordinate back to their appropriate sheets (layouts).

I'm sure we've all done this task many times.
Using the same PLN to go from either schematic design, design development, and/or CDs (in this case a Zoning submittal).

Best method? Thanks.
Have a Master for each Group and place layouts for each group into appropriate folders.

groupsAndMasters.png (33.62 KiB) Viewed 1356 times

Add sections and elevation views to the first group (to be issued) first and set the defaults as follows.


This will ensure the Marker refs relate to the first group.
Once the Sketch stuff is complete and signed off Archive (PLA) and delete that Group. All the Sections and elevation cross references will then link to the next group of layouts.


Hope this helps
Very ingenius....thank you.
So...once you "delete" the first batch of layouts in that first group, the references will automatically transfer to the next "first group" (which in reality was the 2nd group)? huh...

And by "Masters"? what do you mean by that?
Having a hard time understanding what does "Create a Master Layout in each group" means?
I know how to create "masters" but then what does creating a 'master layout' have to do with how you organize a set for "Zoning Submital", how you organize a set for "Construction Documents Submittal"....and so on.

Those are really the only two set packages that will be submitted...a "Zoning Submital" and a "Construction Document Set Submittal".....other than that...we really, not on this project, wont have a traditional 'schematic', 'design-development', set flow.

Then you mention "you can list by Master Layout" which I'm not sure what that means either.

Sorry....I'm merely used to creating sub-folders. Then having the subfolders dictate how the sheets get numbered per the rule you give to the sub-folder.

I have all my Marketing / Planning (approvals) and Working drawings all live and linked off the same model so that as I develop my model I can quickly issue a set of updated plans for marketing / leasing etc (I regularly find that I get last minute calls from the clients needing an up to date set with current areas and they need them now).

You just need to setup your layer combinations, construction view options, graphic overrides into saved views and have a set of views for each drawing type.

Once you have this setup that you are happy with I suggest you create a template project that has the layer combinations, construction view options, graphic overrides and saved views setup so all you need to do for the next project is add your model data.

Drawing Manager Subsets.png
thanks Scott.
I'm a "hired gun" for BIM.
I 'help' and guide architects into this new realm of 3D and BIM database.

Most of the PLN's I get have been "FUBAR'd" and they hire me to "UN-FUBAR" the files as well as work on them to get them to a deliverable level.

I wish I could create a "template" for myself but most (80-90%) of the files I inherit so....