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By Josh CSNZ
This may be more of a workflow query as opposed to a technical query.
How are people documenting wall surfaces and linings in plan view?

An example:
We are developing plans for several apartment complexes.
Some walls have new linings (plasterboard of different specs), new paint systems (including colours).

The limitations so far are:
  • It isn't efficient to do internal elevations of every room and every wall.
    Not able to use graphic overrides as the attributes override the whole wall not just say the left to red right to blue.
    The auto-text label doesn't read the actual selected wall face, rather the whole wall, then you have to pick from inside face or outside face. The next issue with that is, the text is far too long and from what I can see there is no way to assign an ID/code to surfaces (for example red paint is P1, blue paint is P2).
Looking forward to hearing what methods are being used, be even more happy to find out that I'm missing some key step.

Thanks in advance.
By Markus Anselm

We have the same situation.
Theres still a limit for BIM, for some its shorter for others not so. Our oldest projects have good part of the information in 2D, and its a valid option. Because we want to be true BIM we decided to work in sections and details to give that sort of information, where the legends match materials perfectly (our walls are complex profiles).