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is there a reason why if you de-activate Clean Wall & Beam Intersections (CWBI), you are unable to put a Radial Dim on an intersecting curved Complex Profile wall?

it seems to work OK with a typical (non-complex profile) wall. i am able to put a Radial Dim on the curved corner.

Pic attached.

I don't mind always turning on CWBI -- i just found out that toggling it seems to dictate whether i'm able to add a Radial Dim to some elements.
200318 Radial Dim Glitch.png
Image showing CWBI turned OFF.
It is happening to me (only tested in version 23) for standard, composite and complex profile walls.

With CWBI turned off I can only add radial dimension to the reference line.
With it turned on I can dimension any skin.

I have no idea why that would be the case as it is not a 'pretend' bit of wall created by CWBI as in a regular corner intersection.

with CWBI turned either on or off, i can add a Radial Dim to a curved line/polyline.
i am in 22.
either way -- at least i know the fix to this 'glitch''s simply toggling CWBI on/off...
Gerard Leonor wrote:
Wed Mar 18, 2020 2:44 am
with CWBI turned either on or off, i can add a Radial Dim to a curved line/polyline.

That is because a curved line/polyline is not a wall or beam.
CWBI only affects walls and beams.

To me it is a bug that the skins of a curved wall are not recognised when CWBI is turned off.

Hi All,

Thank you, Gerald, for sharing the issue!

It turned out that this is a defect that hasn't been discovered yet. It prevents placing radial dimension on any curve wall's skin(s) while CWBI is turned off. Thank you for spotting this! To my surprise, this issue happens in previous versions as well, but has never been found :wink:

We have recorded this into our system. I hope that it will be soon in the future!

Thank you once again for your contribution! I wish you all a great weekend, and stay safe!

Best regards,