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By Eman
Most of the time colors in the layout show different colors from the ones that I choose when make a drawing (example if I make a slab or doors with color red, sometims in the layout they show different). And even the thickness is different.

It is like there is pen set for drawings and another one for layouts.

Any help please?
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By LaszloNagy
Every Drawing placed on a Layouts can have its own Pen Set.
Select the Drawing you placed on the Layouts, then go to its Settings Dialog and in the "Size and Appearance" panel, use the "Pen Set" field to set or modify the Pen Set used for the display of the Drawing on the Layout.
Layouts also have their own Pen Set, which is used to display any element placed directly on the Layout (as opposed to being part of placed Drawings). You can set or modify the Layout's Pen Set in the Options Bar at the bottom of the Layout Window.
By Eman
Hi LaszloNagy and thanks for your help.

For the drawing I used custom pen set with my preferred colors.

In Layouts/Settings Dialog and in the "Size and Appearance" there is "Pen Set:" on the left and "Colors:" on the right. I clicked on both of them but I cannot find the custom pen set that I used in the drawing, to select it.
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By LaszloNagy
What if you save your custom Pen Set under a name?
Then you should be able to use that Pen Set for the Layout as well.
By Eman
LaszloNagy wrote:What if you save your custom Pen Set under a name?

Yes that works. I saved the custom Pen Set under a name and now I can use that Pen Set for the Layout as well.

Thanks very much LaszloNagy.