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By frenchbt79
I am trying to take two views from one section - Two Scales. I have drawn information over it, but I don't want to draw it twice.
A1 - 3/4" = 1'0"
A2 - 1 1/2" = 1'-0"
I reference the section from the plan - 1/A2.0. When I try to link the enlarged section (on sheet A3.0 it says 1/X. It doesn't understand what sheet it is on. I have made sure to link "first placed drawing of the selected view" It works on plans but doesn't seem to work here. What am I doing wrong. I don't want to redraw over in the View map two section - I just want to take two views from one section on the project map.
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By Barry Kelly
You can have only one section view point in the Project Map.
However you can create 2 views (or more) in the View Map.
Each view can have a different scale saved with it as well as different layer combinations.
So one view has a certain scale with 'annotation layer 1" and the other view can be saved with a different scale with 'annotation layer 2'.
Each annotation layer has annotation that suits the scale of the section.

Now you just place each of these views on a layout page (using the Drawing tool or just drag & drop from the view map to the layout page).