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By shueda
Hi All,

I know that Archicad is essentially a vector graphics program. However, I would like native graphics sufficient for diagrams for things such as early concepts and life safety plans (see attached image from the web). Does anyone have a native solution for this, or do I need to bring in an Illustrator aspect to the workflow?

Many thanks in advance,

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By sboydturner

You need to be patient, waiting 5hrs for a response on a user forum is not a long time, especially when there are much more important things happening in peoples professional and personal lives at present.

You can indeed produce the drawings that you are after in Archicad, you can use the 2d tools (lines, poly lines, circles arcs etc ) and simply draw the lines on their own layer / view / worksheet / detail. You could apply graphic overrides to hilight fire and smoke walls. You could use library objects or fills for directional arrows. Just spend a bit of time and effort and you’ll be able to work it out.