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Hello. I can't figure out if this is a bug or is something I'm doing wrong but all the uncut lines on my section are generated on top of the cut lines and in most cases I can't even send them to back manually. I have this problem on all my projects and even on older versions of archicad. In the attached image the gray lines are uncut. Btw I'm on Archicad 23 now.
Snip 01.jpg
Hello marian.sdraila,

Before concluding on a bug it is advisable to establish an exhaustive diagnosis.
My first question concerns the types of lines and pens in the complex profile of this acroterion. Have you checked them ?
Then it is advisable to check the presence of a possible graphic substitution as well as the pen sets applied to this view.
This is how the section looks with zero depth setting, which is pretty much what I would expect. This tells me that there is nothing wrong with the complex profile. This is not a problem specific to this detail or this project and I can show multiple examples of this kind problem even in regions where I have no complex profiles. Whenever I make a new section all the uncut lines are by default generated on top of the cut lines. In some situations I can send to back the uncut elements in others I cannot.
Snip 02.jpg
In this example I opened a fresh instance of Archicad with the default Archicad template and I created a curtain wall with the default settings. You can clearly see here the gray uncut lines on top of the cut lines. I don't know if this happens to everyone but it always happens to me. In this instance you can't send to back the uncut element because it's part of the same object that is also cut.
Snip 03.jpg

I understand what you mean.
Are you able to tell me what is your scale and how you see your screen 100% or more ?
Are you able to see this draw like that when you print it on paper ? Or not ?
I saved a pdf with the curtain wall and yes, you can see the gray lines above the black ones but in this example It's barely visible. However there are plenty of cases in which the problem is a lot more visible than this especially when the model gets more complex.
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Hello mariam.sdraila,

I agree with you that there are grey lines above black ones but I'm not able to see these grey lines without zooming on it.
I've print this pdf and I am not able to see these grey lines above black ones even with a magnifying glass !
I still looking for a real solution to make black line above grey ones but I wonder about this aim :/
I have this problem all over the project that I'm working on right now but you are right, after I print the final layouts these overlaps are probably too small to be noticed. But, I had some projects in the past in which I had to import IFCs from the structural engineer with very complex metallic structures and they were placed as external hotlinks in my projects. When you import a hotlink in your project you can't send backward or bring forward individual elements from that ansamble. Trust me when I say those projects were a mess because of this overlapping problem an you could clearly see the overlapping even on print. Unfortunately I don't have access to one of those projects to show an example because I'm working from home this days and I only have a few files that I'm currently working on on my laptop. So, as trivial as it may seem, if this is a bug it needs to be fixed in my opinion.

Thank you for sharing the issue and I am sorry about the experience!

My first thought is that this might relates to how the element is generated in Section. It looks like a defect to me as well, but let me ask our colleague in Technical Support team to take a look at this.

I will reach out to you again here once we conclude the investigation.

Have a nice day!

Best regards,
Hello again,

We have concluded our investigation and record this as a defect. When cutting an element, the hierarchy of the pens does not follow the Technical Drawing rules. It seems to be a design issue, therefore, it might take some time to correct this behavior!

Once again, thank you for sharing the issue! We hope that a solution can be made in the near future!

Have a nice day, and stay safe!

Best regards,