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That is good news! It's been a while since I remember having this problem the first time and I'm surprised that no one else reported it earlier. I kept thinking that maybe I'm doing something wrong! Thanks for the reply! Hopefully it won't take too long until it's fixed!
You don´t have to feel lonely;) We experience exactly the same issue - here two cases:

1. within the same element - a Curtain Wall (1.png)

- Cut lines of Curtain Wall = black (Graphic Overwrite).
- the uncut foreground area is only ca. 0,5 cm thick (otherwise you would see black uncut lines because of the overwrite)
- Marked Distant Area - Uniform Pen for uncut Elements = grey.

=> Grey lines appear in front of the black cut lines.
The effect is so strong that pdfs at scale 1:500 are un-readable even though the grey pen has a thickness of 0.01.
Work-around: opening in photoshop + saving as pixel picture. The pdf renderer then achieves better results

2. + 3. different elements (2+3.png)

- Uniform Pen for uncut Elements = grey
- to achieve brighter uncut fills the uncut foreground area is only ca. 0,5 cm thick. So all uncut objects you see are located in the Marked Distant Area.

=> Curtain Wall (2.) + (3.) Objects (above ceiling) + Columns (below ceiling), all located in the Marked Distant Area, appear in front of the black cut lines of the ceiling.
This can be solved via manually "Send to Back" but it should be done automatically.
overview - screenshot of 1:500 pdf
Detail Curtain Wall (1)
1.png (14.02 KiB) Viewed 106 times
Detail 2 = Ceiling + Curtain Wall in background - 3 = Ceiling + Columns below, Objects above
Could it be a Renovation filter? Existing items default to grey in my AC23.
Well, if we talk about workarounds, one would be to create two identical sections, one of them having the zero depth setting and overlaying them on the layout, the one with zero depth being on top of the other. But workarounds in general take extra time, and time is money as we all know.
The grey is intended. Black background would solve the problem but then you can’t differentiate the section lines and the background anymore.

The duplicate workaround will work. But it means two sections within the layer structure and more important it will be even more time-consuming. But hopefully not twice as much. Seems to be worth to try :)