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Starting from ArcahiCAD23, the base outline of a drawing (the line type and pen its outlined with while having no specific user defined outline) is a very loose dotted line that has almost the same color as the gray background of the Layout Book environment. Its very hard to see and to work with.
How could I change the attributes of this line?
Thank you.
If you mean the frame around the drawings placed on the layouts, then I don't think you have any control of this.
It will be a dotted line if set as "Crop to Frame" and a dashed line if set as "Manually Resized Frame",
The colour will always be grey and it will not print.

You can add a printable border which you have full control over, but that may not be what you want.


There was another thread about this not long ago: ... 11&t=69001

Minh from GS HQ also chimed in, so hopefully the developers are aware of this.

However, if you think this should be handled, you can make a wish for this feature, we can vote on it and if it gets enough support, we can submit it to GRAPHISOFT for consideration.
If you do make a wish, please post its link in this thread.
Thank you,
I didn't know about that thread, probably didn't do a good job searching for the subject.
This was my first ever post on this forum, so I'm new here. I don't really know how to make a wish and i wouldn't want that big a fuss about it either.
Thank you again