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Hi, All. I'm trying to learn Archicad and my topic for today is pen sets, as in "is it really this confusing or am I missing something?". The vids I find
online show several standard pen sets to choose from. But I only have 2 pen sets in my new install of AC23 Solo. Am I supposed to create all of these or did I not get a full install for some reason?

Confused in Kansas City
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By Barry Kelly
The pen sets are attributes stored in the file you have open.
The videos you see on line will probably be based on a different template (master file) than the one you currently have open.
If you look at the training content supplied by Graphisoft, then you will also be able to download the files they use.
Have a look in the HelpCentre … ... -archicad/

In particular …

Just watching videos can sometimes be confusing as you won't have the same setup as the video maker unless they base them on the OTTB Archicad as well.

By DGSketcher
Personally I find pen sets to be a complete waste of time. If you only have two you are lucky. I only have one I use but AC gets upset if I delete all the others. If you have a rigid way of working and perfectly organised templates then they may work. With the addition of Graphic Overrides I quickly realised there were faster ways to present the final output I needed. Going back to proven olde skoole drawing & presentation styles, GO's can be effectively used to create faded underlays & bold or coloured highlights without having to work through each pen set to modify the weights & colours for various layouts and making sure they are correctly cross referenced with each element.

My pen set layout scheme comprises pens 1-8 set for compatibility with legacy cad pens. The lines of duplicate colours are set for pen weight based on old standards from 0.18mm to 2.0mm. In reality I rarely use more than 4 of those weights. The rest of the colours are pastels & grey scales for shading & backgrounds.

I'm not saying GO's are the best way, they work for me and save me hours cleaning up legacy projects where elements & pens have become messed up.
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By bwfowler
Many thanks, Barry & DG. Very very helpful.