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I'm working on building remodeling, with a lot of demolished walls and slabs and I have I two major problems with renovation status and filters:

1) How can I change wall thickness considering demolition? For example: existing wall has 50 cm (with windows in it), and I want to make it 30 cm existing + 20 cm demolished. I've tried following options:
a) using vertical/horizontal opening tool - it simply does the trick but creates wrong 2D representation (no thick wall line) and thin (~0cm) bug-wall in 3D in front of the windows.
b) old method - create 3 walls: 1 existing 50 cm in "existing elements" on layer n1, 2nd "existing" wall 30 cm in "existing elements" on layer n2 and 3rd "existing" wall 20 cm in "elements to be demolished" on layer n3.
The b) method is working but it is really time consuming after so many years...

2) How can I prevent walls from joining their outline with slabs and another walls parallel to them (no reference line crossing) using renovation status and filters? It is ok on 2D plan, but things go ugly in the section. I've tried following options:
a) changing layer intersections wall-1, 2nd wall-3, slab-4 - no effect.
b) changing materials for bigger priority differences - no effect.
c) changing junction order - no effect.
My old way (lower AC versions) was simply draw demolitions as fills, but now I wanted to make it automatic.
Last bumped by Figo on Sat Apr 25, 2020 11:21 pm.