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See attached pic.

I'm working on a reflected ceiling plan. I've used the roof tool to create my plasterboard ceiling lining. The ceiling is raked, and I'd like to dimension the pitch levels in plan view with reference to the current storey (marked in red). Any ideas?

Thanks in advanced.
Screen Shot 2020-04-18 at 8.21.28 am.png
So long as your ceiling (roof) has a cover fill active, you can use the Level Dimension Tool to place spot levels.
Beware though that this tool will dimension the upper level of your ceiling (roof thickness).

The text can be selected and moved and can be changed to measure from any of your reference levels.
The measurement will be (by default) from Project Zero.
If you need anything else (such as a second floor level) then you will need to set up a reference level for each storey - which won't help if you have more than 3 floors as you can't add more reference levels that what is already there.

If this is not acceptable then you will need to look into labels, but I am not sure there are any out of the box labels for roof heights.
I know there is a label for flat ceiling slabs, but I don't recall anything about a label for roof heights at any given point.