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By dhnguyen
I often need to split the roof into 2 separate roof planes due to the shed dormer condition in the back of a house. Whenever I split the roof, the exterior wall below it only shows up half on the rendering. It happens every single time. The floor plan clearly shows it as 1 full length wall... - how can i get the exterior wall to show up full length on the rendering?
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By Barry Kelly
I would be guessing that you have used the Connect > Trim Elements to Roof/Shell command.
This uses the roof trimming body for the cut.
Anything inside/outside (depends on your choice) of the trimming body will be cut away in 3D (no effect in plan).
As you have split the roof into single planes, it is trimming to the body of one of those planes and everything outside of the trimming body of that roof is being cut away.

Cancel the trim and do it the 'old fashioned' way with a Solid Element Operation.
The wall is the target, select both roofs as the operators and subtract with upwards extrusion.

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By James B
Trim Elements will give you a better result than SEO - because it'll use Building Material priority at the skin level.

Should select both Roofs and the Wall, before using the Trim Elements command. If you only select the Wall, then click on 1 Roof after the command, it'll trim only to that 1 Roof.

Alternatively, you can select both Roofs, then use "Merge Elements" to create a common cutting body before clicking on 1 Roof.