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By bouhmidage
The actual phasing solution is the Renovation filter, But, i have a project with
* 5 phases,
* some special " interventions" like removing claddings, adding some skins to walls, changing door panels only,

what is the best workflow for such a situation ? the renovatio filter is limiting the choices here
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By LaszloNagy
You might want to experiment with the "Show on Renovation Filter" field of elements.
You can create Renovation Filters, and then you can set certain elements to show only on those specific Filters, instead of being based on the "All Relevant Filter" setting of the field. (This way you may or may not achieve your goal, I would have to see the exact scenario.)
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By bouhmidage
I was thinking about solutions and here what i find so far :
* i can't change a component unless i replace the entire wall or door.
* to show phasing , i found three solutions
1 - graphic override : create a propretie with phase numbers : 1, 2, 3, 4, ... n phase, then override each phase according to it's propretie value, this can be done the show all phases with different colors,
2 - layer combination : each phase has it's own layer, or a bunch of layers to keep all organized ( walls, slabs, columns of phase 1, the same for phase 2 etc)
visibility can be controlled via layer combinations
3 - linked modules : each phase have to be modeled in a seperate file, then, the are linked to a common file, and the rest is just layer combination work.
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By Erwin Edel
We use custom renovation filters a fair bit for showing elements on specific views only. This does limit you to hiding / showing those specific 'phases' only though. You can't pin things to 'phase 1' and other things to 'phase 2' and then show both of them at the same time.

Going of the cladding you mentioned. You could show or hide a layer for that.

You could 'demolish' your door and have two new doors, where you pin them to a specific filter. The first door would be an emtpy frame (if you need this) and the second door would be the frame with the leaf.

I quite often have renovations where we only change part of a door or window. I still demolish the old door with frame and place a complete new one and just annotate on my layouts that only the leaf should be replaced. Shortcomings in the software, but I'm not going to spend hours on something that a quick text explanation will fix.

For colour coding, the easiest thing to use is Graphic Overrides indeed. You could add the phase numbers to element ID or you could make a custom property that you set for each element.