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By NigelPerry
Good day

I have drawn some elevations using linework but when plotting i drag my ground floor to my paper and only a few lines show. On ground floor i have unlocked all layers. how do i fix this?
I am a little confused by what you have written (the correct terminology can be important, that is why images often help).

If you have used linework to draw your elevations, then check the renovation filter applied to those lines.

You say you drag your ground floor to your paper (I assume you mean layouts).
If you have been drawing lines in your elevation, there will be nothing new in the ground floor (plan) to see.

If you are dragging your elevations to your layouts and lines are missing, then check the drawing Source View Settings (for what you have dragged onto the layout) and make sure it is using the same renovation filter as the elevation you were drawing.

Renovation filters can also hide elements , it is not just layers that control visibility.