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By atfonit
Any one know how to fix a ZONE STAMP that seems very hit and miss.


Once changes are then made and walls moved,things added and the model devloped more.

Then turn back on the zone stamp layer and recheck and update areas - the zone doesnt work and doesnt update. Giving the familar message of NOT A CLOSED POLYGON. Despite appearing there to be all closed polygons and very difficult to see why after some mino manipulations thte zone stamp doesnt want to update.

Same applies if i delete the zones and try and resamp - same issue of not a closed ploygon.

Anyone else have this probelm in AC 23 ?

It seems very temperamental the zone stamp when you make modifications to walls and doors etc.. then come back and recheck areas after changes have been made.
By atfonit
I must add - I AM USING THE RENOVATION FILTER - Perhaps this has something to do with it ?
See message .

No idea why this is happening...
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By vfrontiers
Renovation ABSOLUTELY affects the zone stamps...

Match your stamp to the same renovation status as the walls..

Note: a NEW stamp should work in EXISTING WALLS...
But an EXISTING stamp will not work in NEW WALLS (needs to be a NEW stamp).

I don't actually think it matters what renovation filter set you have going at the time...
Just the STATUS' need to match..

That's what I've found, anyway...
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By Barry Kelly
Also, sometimes it looks like the wall join each other, but it is the actual reference lines that must touch to close the polygon.
Turn on the reference lines (on screen display option) and make sure all the wall trim.

It probably is just the renovation settings though.
As mentioned a zone can only work on walls that have the same renovation setting as the zone.
So if you have a mix of existing and new walls, even though they form a closed polygon, when you look at just the existing or new walls, there may be gaps (again it is the reference lines that must touch).