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In the days before RFOs there were issues with extracting existing and new views (which meant different layer combinations) from the same marker; drawing updating had problems, so one had to place duplicate S/E markers, one for existing and one for new, and remember two markers for the 'South Elevation' needed to be stretched-repositioned with any change.

That problem is gone with RFOs, right?
I suppose it is.
The Section Marker creates the Section Viewpoint (unless it is placed as an independent/unlinked Section Marker).
Then you can save multiple Views of that Section Viewpoint, and different Views can be saved with different Renovation Filter Options. So it should be fine.
Back then saving from a single S/E viewpoint multiple views with different layer combinations led me to trouble. Plan and S/E & 3D Document are different species of “viewpoints”, and there was some issue with drawing updates —I had to manually update each of them, making sure they stayed in manual, couldn't update them at the same time, so it was less painful to just create two markers. I now found myself creating views with different RFOs from the same S/Es without a thought, and things working so far, but then wondered —if you haven't heard of trouble, there must be none.