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By Ziv Abraham

I would like to know if there is any way to change the default ID of Archicad objects.
For example - right now every wall i build is given a unique ID (SW-881 ect.).
I would like that every time I build a wall its ID will be WAL-001-FLR1 (Object Name - Object Num - Floor Num).

Is there any solution for that happening automatically and not thru the Element ID Manager?

Thanks For the help! :D
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By Karl Ottenstein
Yes: whatever the ID value is in the Tool Settings for the tool you are using is the default for that tool. Changing an existing element does not change the default. You must select the tool with no elements selected, open the Tool Settings and change the ID. All subsequent elements placed with the tool will use the new ID format.

Setting this default is one of the (many) steps in creating your own personal template.


And, note in particular:
"If a number is included anywhere in the ID field, drawing successive elements will add one to this number for each new element, provided that the Assign New Element ID to Each New Element checkbox is enabled the Options > Work Environment > More Options dialog box. If there is no number in the ID field, each new element of the given type will have the same ID."
While what Karl writes is true, I think the specific thing you are trying to achieve is not possible, because there are 2 variables for each element type: the ID and the Floor ID.
Additionally, in this format:


when new instances are created, the last number is incremented, so new instances will get these IDs:


I suggest that you use Expression-defined Properties to achieve the results you are after.
Use Karl's suggestions, but with the following format:


Then, new instances will have the IDs:


Then, in the Property Manager, create a new Expression-defined Property of "Script" type, and compose it by concatenating the Element ID, the "FLR" string, and the Home Story Number. Then use that Property in Labels and in Schedules, or even map it to IFC Properties if needed.