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By Llian
I would like to have a few links to tutorials on Change Manager tool.

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By LaszloNagy
Here is the full Revision Management playlist of the ARCHICAD YouTube Channel: ... 0ClfPX1z8b

The playlist contains clips about the Change Manager as well.
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By Llian
Thank you LaszloNagy.

These are what I am looking for... :D
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By Llian

After 20+ years on AC, I am finally making the time to learn using this tool… :shock:
I have just issued a set of "ISSUED FOR CONSTRUCTION" on April 27; and have so far issued supplemental instructions for three group of changes May 6, Many 7 and coming May 12.

Is there anyways that I can organize my issued drawings with change manager?

Thank you,

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By Erwin Edel
You should be able to index several fields from Changes using Project Indexes. However we've found the formatting options to be limiting. We already have a few things we setup in the Layout Info Scheme and we also have fields here for the date of our changes.

You can also show your current issue of layouts in the Layoutbook by clicking the 'tree by subset' button.

We use a very 'light' setup with change manager. We only use it to 'change' the layout, not individual parts of our model. So if the ground floor layout changes, we add the change to that layout and manually set the date in one of our Layout Info Scheme fields. This then gets shown on our Project Index as a list of issued layouts.

We use the Issue Scheme for adding a YYMMDD field for filename purposes in publisher for saving out PDF and DWG files.
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By Llian
Thanks Erwin.
Your documentation sounds almost similar though I have yet to look up what is Layout Info Scheme. I have been watching the Change Manager tutorials and having some reservations…
I set up different folders in the Layout for different stages of documents to the corresponding Publishing set ups. For example Issued for Coordination, Issued for Tender, Issued for Construction, and Supplemental Instruction will be published to the specific publishing set destination folders. What is time consuming is tracking changes at construction stage.... I have been adding the bubble, revision object and text to each change. And, ensuring the most current drawing sheet is on everybody's hands and communication, I add the supplemental instruction # on the affected drawing sheet. Additionally, I have a title block that will have the date and brief description of issuance. I am finding ways to streamline the process and limit to one information than duplicating...
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By Erwin Edel
We still cross check changes by simply dragging the previous issued layout as a pdf underneath the floorplans etc in archicad for quick visual check. Toss in a few arrow markers (we don't really use bubbles here) with A or B or C etc depending on which set of changes we are at.

We then type out a block of text on our layouts for those changes where we manually reference those markers: 'room 0.1, this and that changed'.

This works well enough for smaller projects like luxury homes.

I am aware of all the bells and whistles, but it seems like it is better suited for large scale appartment block projects.

I'd share a template or something, but we are on the Dutch localisation, so it is a bit pointless for your version of ArchiCAD, not to mention the language barrier.