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Thanks for posting this. It's a timely and welcome subject to offer feedback on. I've invited my 60 colleagues to all participate. We hope that you will follow this up with another survey that goes into greater depth once you've compiled the results of this survey.
By Braza
Done and thanks! :D

BTW. I think that a new AC Shadow Catcher Surface would be handy. Especially for photo insertions.
FYI: Shadow Catcher Surface/Material, is a surface/material that is invisible but cast/receive shadows.

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By runxel
Great! Done it.

I think the most important part – to extend what Braza said – is, that what we see, and what the sun sees, should not be treated equivalent.
If I cut in 3D many times I'd rather see the shadows acting as if I didn't cut.
There needs to be some kind of switch I'd say :)
Tibor Roland Kis wrote:
Thu Jun 04, 2020 1:42 pm
Do you take pride in your architectural documentation? Accurate shadows are a great enhancement for your 2D and 3D Documents. Based on your feedback, we’d like to make shadows in ARCHICAD more powerful and easier to use.

Please, fill out our Survey!

Great idea. Done it!
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By KeesW
Done survey.
The survey could have been real short for me. The reasons I may want to use shadows or not are the same no matter what the view is Floor plan, Section, Elevation, 3D Document....

A good question might be - how satisfied are you with how you are able to show shadows where you want them? Where is showing shadows where you need them using up too much time ?