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By Muniza

When I place the details with different scale on the same layout, the texts for the details also change.
Is there any solution wherein the text sizes do not change in ArchiCAD 24 when you place different scale drawings on the same layout.

Text Sizes Vary.PNG
Text Sizes Vary.PNG (49.81 KiB) Viewed 166 times
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By Lingwisyer
You are setting the drawing scale through the Saved View not the Resolution / Scale Drawing option right?
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By Lingwisyer
Look at the placed drawings settings and see if there is a scale factor? Using this setting will scale your text as well. So if you place a 1:100 drawing on the layout as 1:200, a 50% Resolution / Scale , the text will also be half the size.
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By Barry Kelly
Ideally you create a detail at the scale you want it to be on your layout.
Set the scale you want and arrange the text as required to suit that scale.
Then save as a view and place that view on the layout at 100% resolution/scale.
Do not change the scale of the drawing in the layout.

If you need the same detail a different scales then you save an new view at that scale.
However you will find that the text/labels will move as they won't suit the new scale, so you actually need another annotation layer so you can place the text/labels to suit the new scale.
i.e. a different annotation layer for each scale that you need, then turn the layers on/off to suit the scale of the view you require.