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By cmorel
1 - I have a building on which the demolition is done in phases.
2 - I need to work in a single file because CA on phase I is happening while design of phase II and schematics of phase III take place and modification in phase I will impact the other phases.
3 - I can't show all the demo on a single plan using graphic override because of item 2.
4- for each phases, I need to issue demo and proposed drawings.

How do you handle such a situation?
Pinning new elements to phases is easy, but we can't pin demo-ed elements, so ...?
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By LaszloNagy
Maybe you should not use the Renovation Status of elements to drive what is overwritten and what is not.
You could create a Property for your elements, with the name "Phase" or something similar.
You would create an Option Set for the Property that would contain all Phases, including "Demolition Phase 1", "Demolition Phase 2", etc.
Then, you would create Graphic Override Rules that would override elements according to your requirements.
For example, for "Demolition Phase 2", elements with "Existing" and "Demolition Phase 1" Property values would not be overridden, while elements with the "Demolition Phase 2" Property value would be overridden with the Demolition override.

If you think about it, Renovation Filter Override Rules are also Graphic Override Rules, only with their Criteria hard-wired to be dependent upon the "Renovation Status" parameter. So with this solution, you would circumvent this built-in solution and define your own Phases and override rules.
I hope this explanation makes sense.
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By LaszloNagy
There is one thing to add to this method:
The one disadvantage of Graphic Overrides to Renovation Filters is that Graphic Overrides cannot make an element hidden. So if you also need elements to be hidden, you may have to use Layers as well to achieve that.
By Eric Milberger
Just talked to my guy at one of the largest construction companies in the world and he said that is their job.
But I do see where this could be a link through a product like ProCore or something more robust where...when hte contractor sets the phasing of construction our model brings in their input.

They do this already - but in a one direction way - they take a all the models and bring them in creating a video and process showing the phased construction. This from other cad and into TwinMotion.

This could be something better than a translator but the use of Architcad by the Contractor to bring in all the data the Architect does not already have in the model. Then they inputs phasing of a construction from start to finish - IN the archicad model - updating thing that we have placed in our very narrow New-Existing-Demo

Construction Phasing should be unlimited in division but in a linear fashion as time for construction is linear not 3d