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Good morning everyone. This issue has been happening with all of the computers in the office, and I cant find an answer with a simple search.

Our drawings that go on the sheets use the "NCS Drawing Title 24" as the title, and at the "Drawing Title" dropdown under "Positioning" we have the title positioned to the Drawing, and the linked width set to Title Texts. This makes the title line adjust its width to the title text.

The bug that we're running into is that, even though the line is perfect to start, it will jump to a consistent 2'-39/64" after an undetermined/inconsistent moving of the placed drawing (meaning sometime it will keep proper settings, most of the time it will change). This jump can happen with loading the sheet back onto the screen, and even locking the drawing when the title is how it should be. When going into the Drawing Selection Setting of a "jumped" drawing the "Position To" changes to Custom and the "Linked Width" is greyed out.

This happens far to often for me to not find anyone else with this same problem, has anyone had this happen and found a permanent solution? This has only started occurring since we upgrade to 24 when it came out, and unfortunately we'll be skipping the next version or two.
Have you updated your library and ARCHICAD? Your About ARCHICAD should show Build 5000 and you should do a Check for Updates to make sure you have the updated USA library that was released a couple of months ago. Please, always post what your OS is and your version (24) and locality (USA) and build (About) when asking any question such as this. :-)
I wish it were that easy, but Im running on Win10 x64 with AC24 US build 5000 with current updated library. We been through a few build/library updates, but this has been a consistent problem.
Thanks. And, forgive me asking as you definitely sound like an experienced users... but when you drag the drawing and this happens ... are you sure that you have selected/dragged/stretched only the drawing frame and have no other selection dots (e.g., not the title object)?

I haven't seen anyone post about this issue... might need to screenshare with GSNA tech support to demonstrate how/when it happens.