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I would appreciate to receive guidance regarding documentation.

Section Markers placed in a given floor level, generate their own image an they show up in their linked Project Map folders (Sections, Interior Elevations, Zones,etc)
These images need further information such as dimensions and annotations.

My question is ?
Is it better to annotate these view in the Project Map or select and capture them into the View Map and do the anotations and further information there ?
Hi Conrado,

"Always" work from the View Map... as Views become Drawings that appear on Layouts. The entry in the Project Map has no view info associated with it (layer combo, scale, reno status etc) and will just appear, while working, with whatever your last settings were.

A Project Map entry (e.g., section) does not have a View in the View Map until you create one (or more). A View in the View Map does not have a Drawing associated with it (until you create one).

In particular, a single Project Map entry (e.g., Section) can have many View Map entries, each of which represents a different way of seeing/viewing the information. For example, for the same section, you could have a structural view, a schematic view, you might have graphics over-rides applied, it might show a demolition view with its associated dimensions, or a new construction view, and/or different scales.

Totally agree with Mr Ottenstein. This is one of the Archicads idosincracies that cost me a while to get but once you let yourself embrace this workflow it all goes smoothly.

Everything goes from left to right. The crude modeling occurs in the project map, from here you go to the view map in which a single view can be presented in a million different ways, which the you put in your layouts as many times as you want, which then can be organized in the different publisher sets. Changes should occur in the further left part of the flow in which they can occur so they can propagate to the entire project otherwise you run the risk of unlinking information. For example if you want to rename plans you do it in the project map, if you want to change layer combinations you do it the view map, and so forth.
You may also want to consider a descriptive naming convention in the Views Map for your sections. They can add up quickly if you have a project with several section cuts. I have some for modeling purposes only and some for eventual layouts.