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By se77e

I have a floorplan with various Zones with name, sq m. Each category of Zone has different colour.

I need to save a view with some of things turned off (lets say only walls and zones stay on - via Layers Combination)
But these zone I need them to be overriden only by colour and texts (name, and sq metres) to be turned off.

So in the end in the view I have the same zones, but with different color/hatch and no text info.

Thanks for the help
You can hide the zone stamp via MVO (see attachment) and you can recolor them via GO.
Screenshot 2021-04-08 034533.jpg
Screenshot 2021-04-08 034533.jpg (90.26 KiB) Viewed 189 times
Some parameters are not selectable in MVO. GS says it's because performance will suffer greatly. If you play it smart, you can sometimes go around this. What are you trying to achieve?
As I wrote before in this thread - I am trying to select ZONES a override them via Grpahic Styles - but only those ones under 100m2.

My workaround was those under 100m2 were in a different layer. But I had to select them manually, so I was looking for more flexible way :)
You can achieve a lot of things by making a custom property and then filtering by that property.

Create a custom and have the property values set by checking for zone size. Make sure this property is assigned to the classification you have for your zone tool.

You can then create a GO rule that checks for the value of this custom property.
You can't check for zone area as far as i know. What you can do instead is make a custom property, as Erwin said. I created one named "Area" under "GENERAL RATINGS" group. Then run this python script. It will auto populate this custom property. The only drawback is you need to run it again if any zone changes.

note: file is zip cause forum doesn't allow .py extensions. Weird!
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