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V23 - teamwork project
This was really an interesting issue.
I had section markers visible in a view but not visible when view was placed on a layout.
Here was the deal:
- Section markers were placed as built-in section marker and they were visible on the layout
- These markers were selected and converted to Section Part Marker_NCS 23 and they were then not visible on the layout
- I sampled an original placed Section Part Marker_NCS 23 and injected into the markers that were not showing up and now the show up just fine.
- what the heck????
Hi Gary,

Thank you very much for the report and I am very sorry about the experience!

From the description, I believe there might be a glitch happened with the section markers when we changed it from one type to another, making them corrupted and missing in the layout. When you inject the parameters from an original Section Part Marker_NCS 23, the mistakes were corrected, thus making the missing markers appeared again in the layouts.

It would be great if we can reproduce this issue somehow! Thank you very much!

Best regards,