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By heathldesign
hay all,
i'm trying to measure the arc length of a railing and the tool does nothing. i've selected the regular dimension tool and selected arc length method, the correct layer is visible. i get the little mercedes curser and click, but nothing happens. i try to then double click out to complete and still nothing happens. i've done it before in this model, in fact on an adjacent wall, but cant get it to work now. i've even used the eye dropper to get the settings from the other arc dimension and still nothing.
thoughts, or bug?
I am not completely sure but I think this is a limitation of the tool that it cannot dimension Railing Reference Lines. If you think about it, the Railing Reference Lines is actually an invisible polyline. The Railing is usually offset from this polyline so many times you would be dimensioning invisible line.
I would much rather like to see the ability to dimension the sides or centerline of the Top Rail of the Railings so I would be dimensioning lines that are visible on the Floor Plan.
that may be an issue, but i still can't dimension the wall that the railing is on. i've moved over a curved wall and got the bold mercedes, nope, then the other side of the wall to get the smaller mercedes, and still no. i wanted to upload a vid but it looks like the forum doesn't support mov. format
Screen Shot 2021-04-14 at 09.25.19.png
Screen Shot 2021-04-14 at 09.25.19.png (559.27 KiB) Viewed 97 times
I tried it now and I have no problem dimensioning any of the curved edges of a curved wall, including skin separator lines.
Can it be that there is some other element overlapping the wall, interfering with the clicking on the desired edge?

What if you move the wall to the side where it is the only element and try to dimension its arc there?
Or hide all other layers so no other elements interfere?
nope, i don't get it. i dragged that piece of wall away and tried, no go and then created a new curved wall and still no go. i copied the one wall that i managed to dimension before but cannot dimension the copy.
I don't know what could be the problem, for me it works fine for any curved edge of the Wall, including Skin Separator Lines.
I am wondering whether we are talking about the same thing? :roll: :roll: :roll:

˙WallArcDimensions.png (30.17 KiB) Viewed 64 times