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By Adriano75

I have a client working with a projet on Archicad with lots of slabs between floors: mezzanines, or just the base for an escalator, etc. The engineer wants each slab as a level or storey. Is there a way that I can tell the IFC that Levels should me created by the level of the slabs? Meaning can I tell the IFC file that Level 0.0 is the ground floor and an element place at 1.5m is some other floor etc?

Every "storey" inside ARCHICAD becomes an IfcBuildingStorey. I don't think you can avoid this in the IFC Manager as that mapping is not user editable in ARCHICAD.

Levels in Revit have a "buildingstorey" property which you can toggle as Revit users use much more levels than just the building storeys.
Thank you. I still believe there must be some sort of workaround... The demand the customer poses is quite legit... Engineers want all slabs to be defined on different levels (storeys)... and architects normally don't have storyes for each slab altitude. But again, thank you very much.