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Import/Export to other CAD/BIM formats (DWG/DXF, IFC, SketchUp, 3DS etc.), spreadsheets, databases etc.

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By agroni
does anyone know how is it possible to import just specific Psets from an IFC?
Here is what I mean:

In my model I have a Zone (IfcSpace) with its GUID and some defined Pset_SpaceCommon. I export my model for the Energy simulation. On the other side my partner adds other values to this specific IfcSpace in the Pset_ThermalDesign. He exports it with the same GUID as received, but now with more information in the Psets. I want to import the information only in the Pset_ThermalDesign and merge it to my existing Zone in my model. I don't need the geomtry of that Zone, just the Info.

I have looked at the IFC import options and especially the mapping, but there was no clear option of just importing the Information of certain elements.
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By dkovacs

I don't think it is possible to take a native ARCHICAD element, and change only one setting/parameter of it through IFC. The way IFC works (at least in ARCHICAD) is by the Reference Model Concept. The idea is, that whatever you import from IFC is another discipline's responsibility, so you should see where it is and what its properties are, but it shouldn't interfere with your model, and you shouldn't interfere with the IFC's content, it is just there for reference.

I think what could help you in this situation, is the property import/export function. What you should do, is make a property to keep this information in, and map it to the Pset (so when you export to IFC, it fills the Pset with the info from this field). At first it will be empty (which is fine), create a list that contains this Property, and export that to excel.

Then open the IFC file in a new ARCHICAD template, create a schedule that has this Pset listed (maybe you will need to map it to a property), and export it to Excel as well.

Now take the 2 excel spreadsheets, and copy this info from one file to another, save it and import the first sheet back to the original file - and there you have it, this info is filled in.

The way I describe it seems a bit more complicated than it actually is, just see the HelpCenter Article I linked and you will see how it works. Also, see this video too:

I know it is not quite what you were looking for but I think this workflow can get the job done. Let me know if something is not quite clear.

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By agroni
The Spreadsheet that can be exportet from Archicad is a gerat option, since the returning information knows its destination. On the other hand, for the external party working in the spreadsheet is not an easy process. Why?
He needs to input parameters that are in many cases in his native model, meaning he has to work simultaneously in his BIM authoring tool and Spreadsheet. Not very intuitive and mistakes have a higher propability.
That is why I wondered if it is possible to import the parameters from my consultant straight from the model that he delivers back. And I found an answer (actually was advised by a friend of mine) which actually was succesful in importing specific Attributes from a dedicated Pset. I have here the tutorial but sadly only in german:
Graphisoft Helpcenter

In the end I can decide to not import the model, but only the parameters of that model, preconditioned the parameters are in the correct places. They were exactly were the consultant had placed them :D

One thing also to keep in mind here: the GUID of the elements is holy. In this workflow it MUST be the same, otherwise the parameters cannot be embedded into the components.
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By dkovacs

Wow, awesome! It is my bad, that I wasn't aware of this (I think it is an ARCHICAD 22 feature and IFC is not my field).
Anyways, I think this is the english version (just for future reference, if someone runs into this again):

Regards, Daniel
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By agroni
thanks for finding the english tutorial
yeap, this option is magical :wink: