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Import/Export to other CAD/BIM formats (DWG/DXF, IFC, SketchUp, 3DS etc.), spreadsheets, databases etc.

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Creating any beam (standard rectangular, profiled, whatever), either horizontal, slanted with reference line in center or on top, I am unable to export this as an IFC an import it into Revit, resulting in an element of which the Revit type/family can be changed.

All other elements (wall, slabs, columns) export and import 'perfectly' - which means: I can select them in Revit and change their type and/or family.

Is this a known issue, am I missing some basic setting? This has been driving me mad for half a day. Nothing on the topic to be found anywhere. Only one clue: Archicad does not creat beams as 'sweeps' (or profile with a vector), but rather as tapered elements. On the other hands, why do the columns do import correctly then?
Hello B.E.A.T.,

What is the classification you use about your beams ?
What is your IFC translator parameters ?
Did you verify the Revit import translator parameters ?

IFC is a formalism derived from STEP. The goal is therefore the same: Replace a fragmented information system into an interoperable solution around a common data model... That mean that IFC is not a way of modify but more a way to compare. I think Revit like Archicad can not modify all BIM element like theirs.

Can Revit still be able to edit a custom beam profile?
Do you try to import this IFC into Archicad and try to modify it by the same way ?
Hello Christophe,

thanks for the reply.

I use the "Archicad classification" included in the template, which maps the Beams to IfcBeam. Translator settings were thoroughly tested (from BREP to parametric and back - twice). I'm using the improved import add-in from Graphisoft in Revit.

I know that referencing IFC in Revit (and Archicad) is less faulty, but this would be the first 'step' in a process where architect sketches out building concept (including structure) and first construction design is based on this, eliminating as much 'remodeling' as possible. Exchange is within one and the same office by the way.

When exporting a structure from Revit I can perfectly edit any basic element in Archicad...

B.E.A.T. wrote:
Tue Dec 03, 2019 12:14 am
... eliminating as much 'remodeling' as possible. Exchange is within one and the same office by the way.
This is not the IFC aim which come from STEP
B.E.A.T. wrote:
Tue Dec 03, 2019 12:14 am
When exporting a structure from Revit I can perfectly edit any basic element in Archicad...
Autodesk began BIM 19 years after Archicad birth and today Revit is allways not able to import and export ifc4 as well as Archicad which is certified ifc4 since september 2019. I think your problem is more an Autodesk problem.

The IFC2x3 standard includes a primary MVD :

- Coordination View V2.0: This view was designed to coordinate the three main models of project design: the architectural model, the structural model and the fluid model.

IFC4 provides two main MVDs :

- Reference View 1.0 : This view is rather intended for unidirectional exchange flows, the transmitter of the file remaining the owner of the model. It guarantees the geometric consistency of the model and the basic quantities, and in return, it is not necessarily possible to recover or modify the objects of the model.

- Design Transfer View 1.0 :
his view keeps the editable nature of the IFC objects to the maximum, it allows to intervene a posteriori on the model and gives the possibility of adding, removing, modifying or extracting elements. The property of the model can be transferred

Thanks for the elaborate explanation on the IFC MVDs - very useful!

I am aware that IFC wasn't "meant" for what we are trying to achieve and we can live with some "loss", just looking for an optimization of the current process. Importing the IFC into Revit is just a first step in a larger scheme, from step 2 onward, referencing is standard modus operandi.

And I was quite sure it was an Autodesk issue... ;0)

Just seemed strange that it is (apparently) not documented. When you watch certain Graphisoft videos, it even looks like 'beams' are left out "deliberately"...

Archicad is allways the best about openBIM and since 1995 with its integration into IAI (International Alliance for Interoperability)
To have the best BIM collaboration experience there is BIMCloud :wink:
Hi All,

Thank you for posting this into the forums and making it available to anyone who is interested in this topic.
I think it's a very important issue to be investigated, and that is why I have created a Support Case about this in our systems.

Once I get any news about the investigation, I will be sure to post it back here to make it publicly available.

Please note that I might reach out to you via a PM if further information is required. I thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Also, thank you very much Christophe for your active participation on the forums!
We really appreciate it greatly!

I wish you all a great day.

Kind regards,
Hi All,

We have finished investigating this and the final verdict is that this issue is not from our end.

Unfortunately, this is something from Revit's side and naturally we have no control over it.

I hope this clarifies things nonetheless, and we are thankful that you posted this here so that anyone else who might have experienced this would be aware of it now.

I wish you a great day!

Kind regards,