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By Karol Argasinski
Hi and hello 8)

I am looking for the best method of synchronizing coordinate systems between files. I have a .dwg map from a surveyor, which is already embedded in the coordinate system in which the industry works: roll:. So far, through "merge" I have read .dwg maps and moved my things in ARCHICAD so that they work with the map. Is there any other method that would be more appropriate?

Try using a Survey Point. Have a dedicated Survey point layer. Import DWG as xRef, place a Survey point with all needed attributes to where your project origin will be. Set project orientation, hide the imported drawing and Survey point layers. Start building.

It's better if your project location is near X=0 and Y=0, as it's not big numbers Archicad has to deal with.
If you are far from the coordinate origin Archicad (and many other CAD platforms) may struggle with 3D and possibly even 2D display.

Look for more info here: