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In the IFC Manager dialog, I can create or edit IFC Type Product properties.
But they are only available here, in the IfcManager dialog, they are not available in the scheduling dialog ("List IFC properties from:" neither "Project" nor "Active Preview Translator"), and they are not visible in the Element tool settings dialog.
How can I access and list or schedule these parameters?
This would be important because IFC files saved from Revit often contain type parameters that ArchiCAD converts to IFC Type Product properties.

Orsolya Almer
Hi Orsolya,

I think you can solve described problem this way:
You need to set your IFC translator that IFC Type would match ArchiCAD classification. In IFC translators choose your IFC import translator (or create your own), choose Type mapping and in new dialogue called "Type Mapping for IFC Import" choose "Map IFC Types for Import". Then you can select which ifcType is matching to which ArchiCAD classification. If standard ArchiCAD classification is not giving you right options - create your own classification system. Then you can include into schedule classification.
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