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By jonofernandes
Hi Archicad community,

I am encountering multiple problems when exporting an ArchiCAD 21 file into an IFC (2x3) for an MEP engineer using Revit 2018. I was wondering if anyone else is having these problems or if anyone can share their IFC Translator settings / workarounds / solutions!

The MEP engineer wants to use the IFC model directly for their documentation (not just for a reference model) which means walls and ceiling would require to host their families. They also require zones to be exported correctly for them to directly label to the zone boundaries.

Some of these issues include -
- Ceilings showing up as generic models (uneditable and cannot be turned off in Revit)
- Zones do not translate well into Rooms/Spaces. Room boundaries are either not showing up or the labels are not sticking to the right place in Revit.
- Complex walls do not appear when they are imported into Revit. Some of these walls appear fine in an IFC viewer but gone in Revit.
- Equipment / objects (electrical and plumbing) are not showing up as native Revit families, therefore cannot be used for MEP documentation.
- The grid is not showing up on all levels in Revit. It only shows on the lowest story of the project (similar to where you see it if the grid is turned on in 3d in ArchiCAD).

Ransom from Graphisoft has been very helpful in finding ways to import the model into Revit, but some of these issues persist. We have figured out that using the IFC importer for Revit is part of the solution but not all these issues are fixed. A friend of mine has mentioned that her firm does redraw their ceiling and zones in Revit before sending a RVT file to consultants instead of an IFC. Is these best practice? I feel we should not have to buy and use Revit in order to work with the rest (majority) of the industry.

Thanks all!

By tsturm
i dont have anything to offer for your issues as I am having the same.

Trying to find the correct Classification for ceiling slabs so they map to the correct setting to Revit import sees them as ceilings.

Then how to get the grids from AC to be read in Revit? Use the Slab Accessories? I did that and still not reading the grid.

Here is a bump Jonathan.