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Hi mates, many people say that Archicad can't export well it's geometry to 3ds max, and the workflow is not that handy coz you need to replace the .3ds file each time you make changes on your model,
Here is my workflow, i use . Fbx format to LINK the archicad model to 3ds max,
All i do is :
1- save your archicad file into twinmotion fbx file
2- in 3ds max, under import tab, choose import fbx,
All done, hou have your model !
Now the updating process,
1- Change your archicad model, save it again and replace the old file,
2- id 3ds max, under references tab, choose, reference manager (or smthg like that),
3- under file tab, you see a red flag on the file icon, it mea s that your file needs to be updated, click on recharge or update,
And voila :D your model is up to date, without loosing your material work or anything
Hope that helps :D
Nice !

Some of 3D worker like to delete or modify the right model to have a nicer 3D model.
By this way I think it's not possible to modify the model into C4D or 3DS.
For my own your way of working is perfect !
Thank you Christophe !
You can modify your model in 3ds max, and keep the link Alive,
the linked geometry is by default an editable mesh, without any selection parameter ( vertices , edges or faces )
you have to apply on the geometry and EDIT POLY modifier, and then modify your shame as you like,
i don't know about C4D, but i think C4D workflow is already existing in archicad
bouhmidage wrote:
Mon Nov 25, 2019 2:15 pm
i don't know about C4D
You should !
bouhmidage wrote:
Mon Nov 25, 2019 2:15 pm
but i think C4D workflow is already existing in archicad
There are fantastic links betweeen C4D and Archicad
CineRender into Archicad is a Maxon render :wink:

Thanks about your sharing !