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Import/Export to other CAD/BIM formats (DWG/DXF, IFC, SketchUp, 3DS etc.), spreadsheets, databases etc.

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pmcmm wrote:
Thu Nov 28, 2019 12:51 pm
However, the architect was not able to do so using ArchiCAD 22. I asked him to send his geometry to me wihch I opened with ArchiCAD 23. I found out that, although looking exactly similar, his geometry is being translated differently to IFC. Namely one is a wall, the other one is a building part (see screenshot attached).

I think it would be beneficial for you to watch the playlist about IFC improvements in AC23. This may answer your question of why things are exported differently in AC23: ... eVJY7NIw6H
thank you Ghaleb for your valuable post, it was exactly that the parameter that I was missing. I've seen it there however, as a beginner in ArchiCAD, I didn't realize how important they were. My question has been answered.

@LaszloNagy, thanks for the videos, I will forward them to the architect's team, I'm pretty sure they will find them useful.

Hope that other people will find this thread useful.
Christophe Fortineau wrote:
Sun Dec 08, 2019 3:19 pm
... a free reader which is able to open an IFC 4 today (on macOS) ?
I found this free software which is able to open an IFC 4 here :
If a composite wall hosts a door or a window, it doesn't appear in Revit as belonging to The Wall System family- a native Revit wall.

If this is a related problem, is there a way for a host wall to behave as other non-hosting walls which do?
Hello Aaron,

Do you talk about import an ifc into your BIM software then to modify it like by your original tools ?
If it is your aim, check this link :
viewtopic.php?f=12&t=68521&p=304485&hil ... er#p304485