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I'm a developper
My copy of archicad is in french :oops:

my boss needs me to ask this:

We are creating a type of wall that uses wood and concrete.
We can't use the wall tool because we need more precision on the layers, vertical layers, horizontal layers, concrete columns and lintels etc
then we are using the calculation tool to make a precise calculation of different quantities of product needed in the manufacturing of these walls
this is an example of calculation (just to be sure i got the right name (french archicad etc etc...))
in our process we then export an ifc and send to the factory

The need:

We need to be able to export the result of the calculations, in the ifc.

All the code for the calculations is written already so we would like to avoid doing it all again in the gdl, furthermore if we did it in gdl it would only be applied to our wall object and not to all the rest (roof, slab etc...) .
(I know in the example above the calculation made is for all the objects selected, but it can be displayed individually by object, it was just to show an example of calculation)