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By Daut Duljevic
Since i need to work simultaneously in Archicad and Autocad, the way that hatch is exported into .dwg makes a lot harder to work onto exported dwg.
Hatch that should be joint is divided into multiple parts.

Is there any solution to this?
*Export method is for further editing
By mbl
Your Fills in Archicad would look very similarly if you took your 3D Wall and exploded it into 2D elements.

So the problem is not the Archicad > Autocad conversion, but 3D > 2D conversion.

What's your workflow and what are you trying to achieve?

If it's just 2D you're after and no later 3D editing in Archicad, you might try "exploding" your 3D elements and then using Fill Consolidation before the export to .dwg.
By Daut Duljevic
I usually finish project in Archicad, export it to dwg and forward it to other participants of project, because majority of them are still working in .dwg.

While converting layouts from .pln to .dwg, I noticed this small mistakes, so I would like to have better output result.

Thank you for the answer, I will try to do it.