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By Luiscardoso

I am trying to save a ifs file and i keep getting this error

"cannot write output file error"

I tried :
-saving as ifc and ifcxml
-saving only 1 element of the file
-saving with a simple name
-saving in desktop, server and dropbox
-rebuilding the 3d model before saving
-using archicad standard translators and my own
-opening a new file w default settings and saving a wall
-giving Archicad full disk access

none of this worked!!!

is anyone experiencing this? any solution?

thanks in advance

What your translator ?
What is your aim ?
Do you check your element classifications before ?
Do you save your ifc model since a 3D view ?

An ifc is even more than a extension file. I invite you to check these points and tell us what you have done.