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By KaeTi
Can anyone help with an IFC problem. I have tried opening and also merging an IFC file into Archicad (v20) but cannot display the file in 3d. That is I can see all the information in 2d and can even generate sections but there is nothing in the 3d window even with a file zoom extents command. I found a solution before our recent holiday but did not document it and now cant remember what I did! AArgh!
Hello KaeTi,

IFC is more than a 3D model.
There are so much parameters to translate before to import an IFC.
It's difficult to help you without knowing what you do before.
I invite you to :
- check your ifc import translator
- make visible all your layer in 3D view
- in 3D right clic and "show all in 3D"
Finaly clic on the little button like this one : Image