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Hi there,

This question is for Graphisoft team.

Few days ago, I rescued and old document for GDL standards that was published in year 2000, and I have found out that there few pages that were dedicate to a group of parameters with the "FM_" prefix, that were made specifically for ArchiFM.

What have drawn my attention are:
1. When ever I want to create a new library part, parameters with the prefix of "FM_" are still available.
2. There is nothing written in Graphisoft's modern manuals and guides, except in GDL reference manual and I quote
FM_ is reserved for ArchiFM (e.g. FM_Type)
nothing more, nada, niet, لا شيء
3. There were some core similarities between "FM_" prefixed parameters and "COBie".

So here are my questions:
1. What happened between to the partner solution of ArchiFM ?
2. Why modern Graphisoft's literature do not mention anything more about "FM_" parameters ?
3. Is there any obscure or practical reason to maintain "FM_" prefixed parameters when we already have "COBie"?

Thank you in advance