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I'm also interested in an update. Many firms we work with are migrating to 2020 right now (including one of our own divisions that use Revit). The 2019 plugin was available before the end of 2018, so I'm expecting it soon.

That being said, I've reported a few problems with the 2019 add-on, and I noticed it just got an update, so I hope they're taking their time to provide an improved product.

Some things I hope to see improved:
- Ensure sub-Classifications convert properly to Revit Categories. For instance, ifcCoverings > Ceilings don't actually create Revit-native Ceilings, unless you use "Link" rather than "Import".
- Improve the Connections between elements, at least Walls and Roofs. Currently, importing to Revit means either losing the Trim/SEO and having wall pop through roofs (using Structural Translator), or losing the Wall Type (Composite) information of the Extrusion Wall (using MEP Translator). Essentially, do you want it smart or pretty?
- Maybe push the IFC4 conversion to finally work?
Yes we need this soon! Can't expect Revit users to hold back on upgrading versions..

Having a conversion to a Revit ceiling tool would be brilliant but I think this would require an ArchiCAD ceiling tool first - why there isn't already one is beyond me.

Also I believe you need to use the 'crop to roof' command rather than trim/SEO to get the walls showing correctly on import to Revit.
Ask and ye shall receive! IT'S HERE! IT'S HERE! THE 2020 REVIT ADD-ON IS HERE!! It just showed up today. Now on to play-testing.