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Dear Archicad lovers,
I am having an issue with my DWG export. The DOOR, WINDOW & Dimension lines are exported as segmented lines. see fig -2 That is too wired. I used the available saving option (for example : convert objects to blocki, convert complex elements to block, etc) See fig -1
When I open the exported file full drawing show as a block. Than I need to explode the block. after exploding all hatch remain as individual lock. that is goo. But door, window and dimention are showing as exploded lines. I can't share this dwg file to other autocad user. That would be very problematic for them.

Can you please share your experience 0r solution regarding this issue . Here is the link for my archicad pln file adn exported dwg file. ... sp=sharing
Sincerely Avishiplu
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