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By atfonit
Anyone used the Command :
- file --> interoperability -->PLACE MESH FROM SURVEYORS DATA

I have the relevant XYZ file with all data in the file.

However, for some reason this data is not givng me / creating a 3D terrain. Any ideas why not ?

I only have 15 points across an entire site. I have data for all 4 corner plots and points on the terrain. Whay do i not see a terrain when these XYZ files are opened in AC ?

sceenshot of levels taken. pdf image attached.

I have the dwg and the XYZ and .txt data file.

Thanks to let me know why the mesh terrain is not being created when I open the data files.
terrain XYZ files.png
terrain XYZ files.png (50.7 KiB) Viewed 184 times
To add more info for all - i have received x2 data files.
I can therefore place x2 .txt or xyz files.
anyone know if all info should be merged in to one file ?

Seems one of the files does open - see screenshot.
But its giving a ridiculously high contour which I cant change.

The second file doesn't show up in 3D. by the way.
terrain 2 XYZ files.png
terrain 2 XYZ files.png (332.24 KiB) Viewed 172 times
terrain 3 XYZ files.png
terrain 3 XYZ files.png (39.85 KiB) Viewed 172 times
terrain PLAN XYZ files.png
terrain PLAN XYZ files.png (34.59 KiB) Viewed 172 times
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By runxel
Just as Tim said. You have to be careful about the actual content of the XYZ file.
Open it with your favor flavour editor and look for these things:
1) Only numerical input! Every line with non-numeric things in it will be automatically counted as a comment.
2) Only three columns! X Y Z, duh!
3) Consistent seperator use! Every line needs the same seperator (semicolon, space, or tab. Commas and periods work, too, but should be avoided because they are easily mistaken for decimal sperator)