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By teemukan

I´m not sure if this topic is already discussed and dealt with but my issue is within "assemblies". We´re using bathroom pods in our production and trying to find out the solution to identify these pods/assemblies within IFC-data. My idea is to have all the parts/objects that are included in the pod and somehow make those as an assembly.

I can see that it is possible to classify objects so they will go as an "IfcElementAssembly" in IFC-translation but I haven´t found a way to group and identify these objects as an assembly within IFC-data. I mean, if you compare this to Revit or Tekla assemblies, they translate native assemblies to grouped objects = IFC assembly = group of sub-objects. Identified as pods but somehow capable to look in to the sub-objects as well.

Is this doable in ArchiCAD?
Revit case from this issue. First selected assembly, then selected door inside assembly.
Revit case from this issue. First selected assembly, then selected door inside assembly.
IfcAssembly.png (375.32 KiB) Viewed 66 times
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By LaszloNagy
The only thing I can think of is that if you go to the IFC Project Manager Dialog, in the bottom left corner you can see "IFC Groups". You can create a new IFC Group, give it a new name, keep the Dialog open, then select the elements of the assembly, and in the IFC Project Manager, click the "Show Model Selection in List" button. The selected elements will be selected in the IFC hierarchy. Now, you can click any of them and hold down your mouse button, then drag them onto the "New Relation" folder under the IFC Group you created. If you do that, when you export the model as IFC, the IFC Viewer (I tested it in Solibri) will display these IFC Groups the elements will be listed under the Group.
This is not an IFC Assembly but this is as close as I could get to what you are trying to do.

IFC-Groups-1.png (111.52 KiB) Viewed 54 times
IFC-Groups-2.png (182 KiB) Viewed 54 times