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By snowside
Hi everyone

I have this issue.
I received an IFC with ProvisionForVoids from MEP which i hotlinked into Archicad. In the IFC translator i did a Mapping from IFC Properties to Archicad Properties. So this works perfect. The ProvisionForVoids now have the IFC Properties in the Archicad Properties.
Then i did Archicad Openings with "Opening from Selection". There is a button where you can enable "ID and Properties from Origin". I enabled this button. But, the properties didn't went from the ProvisionForVoid to the Openings. Any advises? I work with Archicad 23.

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By vdentello
AFAIK, there is no "ProvisionForVoids" inside archicad. I'd love to export ONLY the openings alone as ProvisionForVoids for structural engineers based on their IFC. This is not possible. You have to export parent element.
What you're actually doing is creating new voids from the Solids, so, i'm not quite sure.
By snowside
i know. i imported the ifc as morphs. from this morphs i create the voids in archicad.

Issue solved: the problem is, when you hotlinked the ifc, then create the openings in archicad with this ifc elements, the properties cannot be mapped from ifc into archicad properties. you have to cut the hotlink!

in Ifc 4 ProvisionForVoids is implement in Archicad 24....