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I'm working with illustrator and I export my files to archicad, but there are cuts in all the paths.
I don't understand what I'm doing wrong, I have checked that there are no cuts in paths in illustrator but when I export the path is not joined anymore.

Is there anyone who had similar issue and found a way to deal with this?

Thank u very much!

- Aleksi
Hey Aleksi, how are you importing the illustrator drawings into Archicad? As pdfs? I have never tried to import anything from AI to AC but I do use both programs and would be happy to investigate a little. Could you perhaps share your AI file and maybe tell a bit more about your goal for importing it into AC?
Are you sure your Paths in Illustrator are joined and not just grouped? Other than that, you can try to export your linework as a DWG from Illustrator if you haven't done that already.

For me works both to get a polyline from a "joined" path from Illustrator into Archicad:
1/ saving as PDF from AI, placing as drawing in AC and exploding
2/ exporting as DWG from AI and opening in Archicad

Depending on how complex is your linework, you can also just join lines into polylines in Archicad...