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Speed/Display issues/unfamiliar error messages, crashes/hangs or any other problems regarding ARCHICAD (Example: I get an error message when the 3D Window is generated, please help!).
Note: If your problem seems to be an ARCHICAD error please always report it to your local reseller!

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By gabalco
Eduardo, I'm back on this and still mystified. Yes the weird walls were due to a height issue, although that in itself is strange because I had set them correctly and somehow the settings defaulted back to almost zero height. But the real mystery remains the doors and windows being greyed out in the renovation palette. I attach a screenshot in which everything is reactive in the renovation palette.....all roof, walls, chimneys downpipes ect. But windows are greyed out despite being visible
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By ejrolon
Reinstalling should not be the issue, though you don't have in your signature your OS version. Anyway grayed out windows might be that they are "locked" (Edit Menu -> Locking). BTW the screenshots do not show the problem.

The Window Renovation Status will be greyed out in the Renovation palette if the Wall hosting the Window is New. I guess this is because an Existing or Demo Window would not be in a New Wall.

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By gabalco
Thanks gents. I've checked the Lock and it isn't that. I think that it probably is to do with new walls/old windows, although by now I've slightly lost the thread of all my actions.
I have been in real difficulties with how to upgrade a simple masonry wall to one with insulations and linings, while retaining the existing windows, and I've made so many botched attempts at this that perhaps I've created this "greyed out" problem myself.
I'm still not sure how to add insulation and linings while retaining the old windows. The only way I can see me doing this is by marking the existing wall "to be demolished" and then adding a new composite wall with the same windows added back in. But it feels wrong to be marking these walls "to be demolished" when in fact they won't be demolished>
Based on this information, David seems to have the correct answer. The usual approach, I think, if you are leaving the masonry walls and windows untouched, is to leave those tagged as existing, and add a second NEW wall with the insulation materials, along with empty openings at the locations of the existing windows.
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By gabalco
Thanks Richard, but surely that leaves a lot of problems with cills, external facings, linings etc?
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By gabalco
Sorry to be so troublesome, but I really am having trouble here. It does seem as if the software is suddenly doing things that I've not previously encountered. I'm very aware of my own limitations, but even the basics now seem to be behaving strangely.
I decided to redraw the walls, but now the new windows (the same ones as before imported from favourites) do not show properly. They seem to be hidden in the thickness of the wall, and I can't see how that would happen?
I attach a 3D view and a section to show what I mean. The window cill just about shows on the external face of the wall but nothing shows on the internal face. And the window doesn't show on the plan. Once I click to complete the operation the window disappears.
Window 1.jpeg
Window 2.jpeg
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By gabalco
This may be a clue to what's going on.
When I extended the wall beyond the boundaries of the building in question, I can easily add windows as normal. But if I try to add windows to the same wall back in the body of the building, I get this hidden window effect? And yet it's the same wall extended lengthways?
What can cause this? It's as if theres something different in the wall characteristics in the zone of the building.
Window 3.jpeg
Window 5.jpeg
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