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Hello, I am new here, and a new Archicad user and am still finding my way around the software as well as this forum. Apologies if this is not posted in the correct place.

I have a problem with a model that I am working on, it is not a big problem but an irritating one and I hope someone can help me solve it.

I have a drawing (roof plan) on a worksheet which has an erroneous line which I would like to get rid of. However, I cannot find the line anywhere in the model. If I explode the drawing into current view, the line explodes as with the other elements of the drawing, and If i drag the drawing around on the worksheet the line moves with it (suggesting that the line is part of the drawing). However, if I open source view with layout as trace reference, the line appears as part of the layout trace reference and toggles on/off with the trace reference (suggesting it is part of the layout). It appears on both my existing and proposed roof plans.

Please see screenshots attached. the line in question is the dashed line highlighted / selected to the left of the main roof plan in each screenshot.

I am using Archicad 22 solo on a windows 7 pc.

Thanks in advance for any help.

3 - trace ref on.PNG
By ksjhawk
If you right click on the view in the layout and click "Open Source View", do you see the line? I usually ask the stupid question first, is it possibly on a layer that's turned off in you modeling view?
Hi, thanks for the reply. No the line doesn't appear if I open source view as you have suggested. I have also turned on all layers and looked for it but I can't find it! It only appears in the drawing on the layout.
By ksjhawk
Would you be willing to post the file? The only other immediate thought I have is that it is a pen color that blends with the background, but undoubtedly you'd see that too if you selected everything. I love figuring out little things like this and agree this is an annoying one that would frustrate me.

Your screenshots are too small to illustrate anything, at least on my end. The one screenshot that might be useful is the line drawing one ... but in it you have Grouping enabled, and so every roof plane has selection dots. Suspend grouping, then select the roof plane that has the problematic line and take a screenshot of that for us.

My guess is that you are seeing the non-printing roof pivot line. This line's visibility is controlled in the model view by an On Screen View Option.
Karl Ottenstein wrote:
Thu Dec 06, 2018 9:49 pm
My guess is that you are seeing the non-printing roof pivot line. This line's visibility is controlled in the model view by an On Screen View Option.
I don't think it is the Roof Pivot Line. They do not show up on placed Drawings in Layouts, and that line has a small perpendicular line at its center indicating the slope direction.

MGA: You can also try turning on all the Renovation Filters in the View to see if it shows up.

Thanks everyone who has replied. Whilst I have now 'solved' this issue, I have not 'resolved' why it has occurred. I have stripped out everything from the file, and this dashed line seems to be associated with a line object which I have drawn on my roof layer. if I delete or even move this line, then the problem line also disappears. This looks to me like a bug, but I am still fairly unfamiliar with the software so probably not best placed to make that call. If anyone is interested I would be happy to upload the file. Can anyone point me to a sticky perhaps about how this should be done? I cant seem to include it here as an attachment. Many thanks, Max
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By ejrolon
A "line object" that is seen dashed might mean that you drew a line using the Morph tool. These lines are 3D objects with settings so that they can be seen above or below their story with different line types.