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By ejrolon
Can confirm that between Dropbox, OneDrive and iCloud the one giving problems is iCloud. Is there a possible solution to this besides not using iCloud? Right now I am in the process of removing DB as an option based on what they have announced as their roadmap.
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By mikas
I wonder if you could elaborate a little bit about DropBox roadmap, and why it appears prohibitive to your practice?
We too do use dropbox, almost exclusively nowadays. We have been quite happy with it so far.


ps. this is probably a wrong thread for this conversation though..
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By ejrolon
Basically I just need to share specific folders, I don't need any of the other stuff that they want to charge more for.

So between raising prices, adding extra "bloat", having other options to share folders that I am paying for (OneDrive, iCloud), and being unable to configure DB as I want I decided to not renew my subscription.
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By mikas
We neither use the apps for collaboration nor do we need any plug-ins or so. It's just the synchronized filesharing server with automatic backup for us. And of course sharing the project outputs to some partners/clients/consultants.

Just paid for a year some time ago. Lets see what happens then it's time to pay for it again. If they ask for a lot more than now, maybe we will have to consider it again.

Thanks for the comment.