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By DanielH
Hi! I have a problem in AC22, build 3009 and would like to ask if anybody had the same issue and if the updates solved it.

In teamwork files (1,5 GB and 5,4 GB) updating views and drawings on layouts is slow because AC starts updating them when it shouldn't. Examples:

1. After starting AC, it loads the last opened view and starts updating. While it is updating I start Chrome to check e-mails, then open up AC, and it starts updating the view again.
2. I open a layout with 30 drawings on it (sections) and AC starts updating them. Then if I start another program or just click on the desktop on a second monitor (so AC window is open but not in focus), when I click back to AC it starts updating all of the 30 drawings again.
3. I open a layout with 1 drawing on it and wait for it to update, then I open a second layout with 1 drawing and wait for the updating, then back to the first layout and it updates the drawing again but nothing changed (no send/ recieve in the meantime).

TL;DR: It seems AC22 TW can't update anything when the AC window is not in focus. And it has to update every drawing always when opening layouts.

If this problem doens't exist on the latest build (6021) I will update AC on all teamwork machines, but if it doesn't then I won't bother.
I ask teamwork specifically because in my experience TW has other bugs than solo projects.

(sorry for spelling and grammar mistakes)
2 questions?

- Why don't you set all Drawings to "Manual Update" if you have such issues?
- Why don't you install the latest update as a regular action? With this you just continually expose yourself to all the bugs that existed in the first AC22 build, but were fixed in one of the several updates.
Good tips. I would've done them too, but my office's workflow is in the last century.

The reason why I asked is not because I can't think of solutions like the ones you mention but because the working methods in my office doesn't leave me other option. But I didn't want to bore all of the people here with the explanation... :wink:

So I think I will have to go through all that release notes then and hope this problem is listed in there.
I see. Then the decision makers should be informed about these possibilities and how they can improve the office's workflow, I guess.
I don't really like when instead of answering a question people start to tell me how to do my work, but I guess it's part of the internet.